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Sawn Timber

Sawn timber is timber that is cut from logs typically in varying rectangular widths and lengths.

Matilda Veneer prides itself on finding and manufacturing premium timber products.

With a well-established network for sourcing logs, Matilda Veneer is able to access a range of hard-to-find and select timbers from Australia and South-East Asia.

Many of the species that comprise Matilda Veneer’s stock are high quality furniture grade timbers from North Queensland, ensuring that those with woodworking ability can make truly unique projects. In addition, Matilda Veneer is always on the lookout for unusual and special timbers that can be the centrepiece of creative and inspired designs.

Through the veneering process, thin boards known as backing boards (typically between 18-25mm in thickness, are produced as a byproduct. These boards, while thin, are typically of very high quality due to high quality requirements of the veneer logs they came from. These boards are kept and air-dried until properly seasoned and then sold in pack lots at exceptionally good value.

Matilda Veneer’s range of sawn timber is perfect for resellers, schools and DIY projects.

These timber products are often scarce and hard to come by, so make ideal materials for designer furniture, building timber, and schools.

Email us for more information from our expert team on our beautiful and exceptional quality natural timber veneers.

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