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Rotary Veneer

Rotary veneer is differentiated from sliced veneer in that the mechanism used to produce the veneer is very different.

Rotary veneers are peeled on a lathe and the result is a natural product with a completely different appearance to sliced veneer. While rotary veneers are still used predominantly in the manufacture of plywood and other engineered wood panels, the unusual and unique appearance of these veneers has struck a chord with architects and designers alike.

High quality rotary veneer sheets are often sold as an alternative to regular sliced veneers coinciding with recent trends towards appearance grade plywood. Rotary veneers can give the look of plywood in situations where the other benefits of plywood are less important, or where a project specifies a requirement which plywood cannot fulfill.

Rotary veneer is a great choice because:

  • each sheet of rotary veneer in a particular specie, while similar, are in fact different and therefore projects involving larger numbers of sheets naturally create a distinctive and unique feel;
  • the manufacturing process creates minimal waste material, therefore offering end-users with better value for money;
  • it’s often used as the decorative panel on plywood and easily pressed onto other substrates, making for a cost effective and eco-friendly design option for architects and designers; and
  • it’s a 100% natural product.

Matilda Veneer complements its range of Hoop Pine plywood with select grade rotary veneer in Hoop Pine. These veneers are peeled at 0.65mm, making excellent use of wood fibre and providing exceptional value when compared to solid timber or plywood. All lower grade material produced is used in the manufacture of our plywood, ensuring minimal waste.

In addition to Hoop Pine, Matilda Veneer has a range of species in rotary veneer suitable for use in the core of products such as plywood, curved furniture and for hobbyists. Note in most instances, these veneers are not appearance grade.

Email us for more information from our expert team on our beautiful natural timber veneers of exceptional quality.

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