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Matilda Rough Cut

You’ve always loved the look of veneer, now you can love the touch as well

In a similar way to freshly sawn timber, Rough Cut veneers exhibit a slightly rough, textured surface. These veneers encourage people to interact
 with the product and this provides a tactile and memorable experience. This connection between touch and timber is at the heart of the love affair we all have with wood and wood products.

Veneering has always provided far more economical and environmentally savvy benefits to solid wood, although there’s always been those who prefer a rougher, more rustic look. Now, with the introduction of Matilda Rough Cut veneers, you can have both in one modern product.

Rough Cut veneers are growing increasingly popular in Europe and Matilda Veneer is proud to bring these veneers to Australia and South East Asia.

This range of veneers is manufactured in Europe by one of the largest and most renowned veneer companies in the world. These veneers exhibit the very highest of quality and are perfectly suited to furniture and panelling. Matilda Veneer has hand selected the veneers and our stock is indicative of the on-trend species and colours.

Due to their frequent use, projects completed in some popular, traditionally plain-sliced species such as Oak and Walnut, often lack the x-factor. Rough Cut veneers in such species can provide a subtle and sophisticated aspect to these projects, giving them the timeless look of timber coupled with modern, cutting edge appeal.

Thickness: 0.7mm
Species Available: American Red Oak, American Walnut, European Oak, Satin Walnut*
Lengths Available: 2500mm & longer
Certification: Available
Note: *More species available upon request
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