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Setting the Standard with timber veneer

We are often asked if there is an Australian Standard for veneered products. The answer is yes, but when we started to prepare this blog to answer the question in more detail, we found that our friends at the Timber…

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Queensland walnut veneer table with credenza small APR
Finish off with the right finish

In this month’s blog, we’re proud to feature an editorial supplied by the Timber Veneer Association of Australia’s (TVAA’s) technical representative Peter Llewellyn. Peter has a wealth of knowledge and experience with timber veneers and provides unbiased technical advice on…

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Storage tips to ensure your plywood remains in top condition

When you’re making plywood there’s a lot of things that can go wrong. At Matilda, we have tight controls and procedures throughout the production process to ensure the finished plywood meets the high standards we’ve become known for. When the…

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