Matilda Veneer
Brighten up with timber veneers

We’re glad to feature, in this month’s blog, an editorial supplied by the Timber Veneer Association of Australia’s (TVAA’s) technical representative Peter Llewellyn. Peter has a wealth of knowledge and experience with timber veneers and provides unbiased technical advice on…

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Alphabet Soup – Deciphering Plywood Grades

When you speak the language of plywood, it becomes second nature. However, for those looking to embrace plywood into their next project the variety of letters, types of glue, species available and various sheet sizes can become a little overwhelming…

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My passion for timber veneer

Christian Farmer, together with his lovely wife Narelle, are the owners and founders of Farmers Doors. Farmers has been a proud Gold Coast family business for over 40 years and is now entering its second generation driven by Christian and…

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