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Birch Plus Plywood

A new take on Birch plywood, Birch Plus is the Birch look you know and love, but that's not all...

Birch Plus offers all the benefits of standard
 Birch plywood with the added benefits of being lightweight and more cost effective. It is suitable in most applications where other appearance- grade plywoods are used, and features long-band faces, multi-ply construction and a black glue line.

While offering added benefits, there is no compromising quality or project aesthetics, Birch Plus is designed to tick all the boxes.
 Its lightweight nature makes it ideal for use in projects where excess weight is undesirable, most notably in the transport and marine sectors.

It is easy-to-machine and with bright, clean rotary cut Birch faces on a lightweight core, Birch Plus has been developed to be at a lower price point than standard Birch, offering significant financial savings. It is easy to see why we call it Birch Plus!

It is manufactured in Europe by one of the world’s leading plywood manufacturers and has been tested against stringent European standards.

  • Long-band faces;
  • Lightweight 440 – 490kg/m3;
  • Low formaldehyde emissions (E1);
  • Multi-ply construction;
  • Easy-to-machine; and
  • 100% PEFC Certified.


Thicknesses: 12mm & 18 mm*
Grades: B/BB
Sizes: 2440 x 1220mm
Glue Bond: Interior (Black)*
Multi-ply: Multi-ply as standard
Certification: 100% PEFC Certified
Density: 440-490kg/m3
Moisture Content: 6-14%
Note: *Other thicknesses and glue colour may be available. Please contact us.
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