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kitchen with veneer
The lowdown on laminate versus timber veneer

Before we go into what laminate is exactly, we’ll quickly recap on what timber veneer is (if you want a more detailed explanation read our previous blog). Often the word veneer gives some people the impression something is fake. That…

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kitchen and living with veneer
Veneer in the home

The use of timber veneer is nothing new, many ancient societies utilised decorative veneers and plywood. The Dutch were using veneers in the 17th century and by the 18th century European cabinetmakers were selling high quality veneered furniture in various…

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Stuck on you: Plywood glue bonds

We explained what Plywood is in a previous blog (read it here), but here’s a quick recap before discussing glue bonds. Thin layers, or veneers, of wood are bonded together with a strong adhesive in order to make Plywood. The…

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