Matilda Veneer
Four ways to do more with your walls

If you’re an interior designer, stylist, architect or specifier, and are looking for some new ways to spruce up your walls on your next project (or your clients’!), here’s four ways to add a new level of luxe. 1.Stained American…

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Design Trends

Timber veneer design trends in 2017 What’s hot for 2017 in terms of timber veneer? Well, we’ve had our ears to the ground and noticed slight changes in preferences during the last few months. Rotary veneer is enjoying an upswing…

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Engineered alternatives will have you floored

If you have your heart set on wood flooring in your project, it is important to consider all options. Basically it boils down to a choice between solid timber flooring or an engineered wood alternative. Solid timber or wood flooring…

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