Matilda Veneer
Stuck on you: Plywood glue bonds

We explained what Plywood is in a previous blog (read it here), but here’s a quick recap before discussing glue bonds. Thin layers, or veneers, of wood are bonded together with a strong adhesive in order to make Plywood. The…

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A cut above: veneer cutting methods

The saying there’s more than one way to skin a cat isn’t very nice, but it does highlight there is more than one way to go about it. The same is true for producing veneer from logs, there are a…

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Plywood: strong and beautiful

Plywood is an engineered wood panel composed of a number of thin veneer layers called “plies”. The word “ply” means a “layer, fold, or thickness, as of cloth, wood, yarn, etc.” originating from the Latin word “plicāre”[1]. The use of…

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